40 Fun Facts About Sharks

40 Fun Facts About Sharks is an interactive book designed to work on your Kindle. You can have a PC, a MAC or a Kindle and you will still enjoy the interactive nature of this book about animals that swam in the ocean when dinosaurs were roaming the earth. Explore the interactive and entertaining game book about these incredible creatures with…

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Even Kids Can Make Money

Start early on the road to success! With over 35 different unique ways of making money, even children as young as 10 can earn an income and grow a business.The book outlines a description of a product or service a young person can provide, the start up costs, resources and/or equipment needed, market research and a marketing plan to get…

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Divorce Organizer and Planner

This 35 page fill-in-the-blank divorce planner will walk you step-by-step through organizing and planning for your divorce.Whether this divorce decision something you wanted or it was forced upon you, if you don’t plan to walk away with a fair settlement, then you are planning to fail. Inside this workbook you’ll find: 1. Explanation of the 5 different types of divorce….

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